SHOCKING PHOTOS: R. Kelly And Lady Gaga Having Sex On Stage?

On Nov. 16, American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga performed her single “Do What U Want” with R. Kelly on the NBC late night variety show ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Not only was she the musical guest of the evening, but she also acted as the main host.

For the performance Gaga performed both the first verse and chorus alone on stage before R. Kelly came out to join her for the rest of the song. The rest of the performance was very sexual between the two singers with R. Kelly doing push-ups on top of Gaga, and him rubbing her bottom and after the performance the two embraced in a hug.


Following the raunchy performance, the wacky songstress tweeted: “What a spectacular time I had on @nbcsni Thanks Lorne, the cast, band @Rkelly @richysquirrel @MichaelBearden + my old buddy @briannewmanny.”

While R. Kelly wrote: “Just killed Saturday Night Live with @ladygaga.. Epic night, one for the ages,” alongside a picture of him giving her the fireman’s lift.

What do you think of this raunchy performance?


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