Any Decent Man Cannot Remain In PDP – Nyako

Adamawa State Governor Murtala NyakoAdamawa state Governor, Murtala Nyako, has blasted the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and its leadership, saying that no decent individual can continue to remain a member of the party when it is being run in the most disapproved way.

Nyako lamented that the PDP and its leaders had greatly disappointed Nigerians all over the world, considering their high level of impunity and injustice, even as internal democracy has equally been discarded.

He claimed that the image of the country is completely eroded on the international level and “yet the PDP led government and its operators are in Abuja making noise.”

He mentioned this in an interview held at the Yola Airport.

Interestingly, Nyako’s official car was still carrying the flag of the ruling PDP when he was being interviewed.

He mentioned that his continuous stay in the crisis ridden party would not be possible, considering the way the party is been run from Abuja.

What is more, Nyako added that APC was a better option as a governor with a progressive mind.

Nyako said that the dissolution of Adamawa executive of the party by the president and his cohort was a typical example of the impunity, which resulted in party destruction.

“We have written to the (PDP) several times over this injustice and impunity. We have been negotiating for the past one year. We have been meeting with them but no positive result”, Nyako said.

Commenting of the decision of some G7 Governors to play safe in the merger, Nyako said the Governors were only studying the situation and consulting with their people as they would soon join the band wagon.

“It is not possible for decent people to remain in PDP with the way its being run. Any decent man cannot remain in this party”, Nyako said.


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