DRAMA: 8,000 Job Seekers For 10 Openings In Enugu (PHOTO)

Photo: applicants for UNTH administrative officer position

At least 8,000 job seekers stormed the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) to interview for the position of administrative officers, on Thursday.

The applicants responded to the university’s local advertisement for Administrative Officer II.

Interestingly, at least, 5,000, were shortlisted for the interview.

It was not mentioned how many administrative officers the university planned to hire. However, a staff of the university told the journalists that not more than 10 applicants were going to be employed in each category through the process.

(Photo: Job seekers are looking for their names on the notice board before the interview)

Photo: applicants for UNTH administrative officer position

The situation occurred not for the first time.

The previous day, about the same number of jobseekers besieged the school to be interviewed for positions in paramedics and few auxiliary jobs.

A lot of people had to wait under the sun for hours to be interviewed. Others sat on bricks for an opportunity to be interviewed.

Photo: applicants for UNTH administrative officer position

According to Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, at least 28 per cent of employable residents of the Enugu state are unemployed. Enugu people say that this figure is underestimated.

The situation an UNTH indicates that there is dramatic job shortage in the country.

The level of unemployment among youth is high up at 38 percent, World Bank states. Many Nigerians argue World Bank and government estimates are conservative.

“In a family of five kids, you will hardly find more than two employed,” Chinasa Ugwu, one of the applicants, who sought to be an Environmental Officer II, said.


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