Yes, We Owe Keshi Money. So What? – NFF

Photo: NFF President Aminy Maigari comments on the situation with Keshi's salary

Amidst reports on the failure of the Nigeria Football Federation to pay the monthly salaries of Super Eagles head coach, Stephen Keshi, who is being owed for several months,President of the NFF, Amini Maigari has explained that the situation in the Glass House was not peculiar to Keshi.

Maigari, who has recently received the Sports Administrator of the Year Award in Lagos, noted,

“Yes we are owing Keshi, so what?”

According to the official, Keshi is not the only employee who suffered and has not got his salary.

“We have about 11 national teams and all have coaches.” 

“My management staff have not received their salaries for over a year and nobody is making noise about it.” He spoke further.”

In his opinion, the issue of Keshi’s salary should not be amplified, because it leads to country downgrading.

The NFF President also stressed that the NFF pays for Keshi’s house, food and transport.

According to information available, the NFF owes the national team coaches amounts to a whopping N77 million out of which N36 million amount makes up Keshi’s share.


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