Candidates For 11 Vacant Ministerial Positions Will Be Known On Tuesday

President Goodluck Jonathan announced that the list of nominees to fill the vacant ministerial positions would be forwarded to the Senate on Tuesday.

He said this while receiving the leaders of the North-West geopolitical zone of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abuja on January 9.

The delegation was led by former Minister of Defence, Dr Haliru Mohammed.

“Immediately the National Assembly resumes, they will get the list of ministers, so that we will get a law that will establish a body. We are no longer going to play with this,” he said.

11 ministerial positions are vacant for the President to nominate candidates for the Senate screening and approval.
Jonathan also said the appointment of substantive ministers was overdue to address critical issues in those ministries.

For instance, the President said he was yet to be briefed on desert encroachment, critical to his administration, because there was no substantive minister for the Ministry of Environment.

Jonathan added that N10 billion had been released from the Ecological Fund to address the problem of desert encroachment in the North.

He said the focus would go beyond planting ordinary trees and grasses, but those with economic value that would create wealth.

“We will create an area where it will generate a lot of activities, stimulate the local economy so that people can convert their product to money and we will surely do that.”

Source: ThisDay


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