MYSTERY: Face Of Dead Muslim Cleric Appears On Lagos Mosque Wall

photo - MYSTERY: Face Of Dead Muslim Cleric Appears On Lagos Mosque Wall

The late Alfa Sheikh Ibrahim Niass (1900-1975), a major leader of the Tijānī Sufi order of Islam in West Africa

On Friday, over a thousand Muslim worshippers gathered to witness the mysteriuos phenomenon at the Ilogbo Central Mosque, Lagos.

Apparently, people saw the face of a Muslim cleric, Alfa Sheikh Ibrahim Niass, who died 39 years ago, on the wall of the mosque.

The face of the Muslim cleric started appearing since Thursday night, attracting thousands of Muslim worshippers on early Friday morning.

Eyewitnesses say the appearance of Niass’ face is a blessing to Muslims and Nigeria.

“I went to the Ilogbo Central Mosque and saw a huge crowd, both Muslims and Christians. I saw people using ‘Pure Water’ to wash some parts of the Mosque, and allowing the water to fall into their container,” one worshipper said. “Those without container used handkerchief in cleaning the wall before using it on their body, saying it will heal their sickness.

“The face of late Alfa Niass was just appearing on different parts of the wall at Ilogbo Central Mosque, and shortly it will disappear. As at 1pm [yesterday] that I got here, the crowd was too much. Even when the police saw the crowd that came, they had to go back. Some of us who had wanted to pray in the mosque could no longer pray because of the crowd.”
Source: Vanguard


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