Akon Is No Longer Working With Lady Gaga

Akon claims that Lady Gaga has already reached the peak of her carreer, explaining why he is no longer working with her.

 Akon and Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga was signed to the Akon’s Kon Live label, however Akon put an end to the deal “before it was too late”.
He commented on this in radio show of US DJ Sway: “I got out while the gooding (sic) was hot. It’s like a business, you build it to sell it.”
“When I got it to the peak of where I felt it couldn’t go nowhere, and there was nowhere left to go but down, I cashed out, in other words I sold my share and got out before it was too late.”
The radio show DJ also mentioned that the sales of Lady Gaga’s new album ARTPOP were not as great as previous albums (though it made it to top 10 charts in over 30 countries). Akon replied to that saying that it was the reason he got out.

What do you think, is Lady Gaga still HOT or NOT?

Sources: Information Nigeria


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