7 Curious And Strange Things Of India

India is located in South Asia, has more than 1,200 million people in an area of over 3.3 million kilometers, making it the seventh largest country, it is projected that by the year 2025 has larger population than China by high birth rates. Algebra, trigonometry and chess originated in India and Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Importantly, the originating in India are called Indians, Hindu is the religion practiced by Hinduism.

GistMagazine leaves the 7 most curious and strange things of this beautiful country:

1. Rail travel is an adventure


It really is literally an adventure, you’ll see the locals, always try to sneak and move from first and also lose first, many are released when in motion. Likewise, they will often hung a little risky but maybe fun.

2. Cows are sacred animals


They represent fertility and motherhood, so they are considered sacred, living at home everywhere and no one can touch them. Take them by the tail would bring bad luck, do not forget that the Indians are quite superstitious, remember that any animal could be the reincarnation of one of their gods.

3. The Hijra community


Are neither men nor women, dress as women, but women are not considered. Well, it’s complicated to explain. What they say is that they were castrated and they did a ritual pouring milk into a river to symbolize the loss of fertility.

4. Traffic is chaotic


It’s really a mess, but not if in your city feel something. The truth is that travel all types of vehicles, honking incessantly, and have no standard to be met, so it is best to fill with patience.

5. The vanity of men is awesome


Male hairdressers that offer the look of dyed hair and beard of orange men are. It really is a very unique and vain fledged fashion.

6. The bindi and black eye paint


The bindi tilaka for women or for men, put him in the forehead, where is located according to them the sixth chakra of wisdom. A children paint them black eyes, to scare away demons and bad energy.

7. The men hold hands


Do not think ill of two men holding hands or hugging, ie not believed to have any close emotional relationship beyond friendship. It’s just a friendly greeting, nothing happens.

It is a beautiful and impressive culture, worth discovering and having better information beforehand.


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