The 7 most expensive places in the world

Do you know what are the 7 most expensive places in the world to live? Chances are you’ve heard rumors, especially that most belong to the European continent; however, then we will tell you exactly on what it is and solve your doubts.
Is not you curious to know how much it can cost to rent an apartment or just buy a coffee or dining out with friends? All this is more expensive than you think. It is about living in the cities where any action of the everyday has a high price and a lot of money is spent. But despite this, its inhabitants have quality of life and have the opportunity to secure their future, something that usually does not happen in countries that are known as the Third World, which are part of the American, Asia and Africa.
Look closely the content of the post and tell us what opinion you have or know any other place to live is too costly; for us is very valuable contributions us your knowledge.Enjoy the gallery!

1. Copenhagen, Denmark


The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, stands out for the money their citizens must spend daily. Want an example of this? Here you go: gasoline almost exceeds $ 2, buy the newspaper 4.22; buy fast food like a hamburger, over 10, and have a cup of coffee the 6. Now, how much can cost rent a luxury property? Approximately 2000 $ 750.

2. Luanda, Angola


To the surprise of many, this is the city is muyy face Did you expect it to be otherwise? Well, go out to eat a burger with your family or friends, can cost about $ 18; rent a luxury apartment with two bedrooms and $ 7,000, and drink coffee almost $ 4. It’s pretty, is not it?

3. Hong Kong


Fast food is the only affordable in this city: at $ 3.35 you can get anything on the menu. Coffee now exceeds $ 5, 1.8 petrol, and the rent is pretty close to $ 4,300. And how much it costs to buy the newspaper?Nearly $ 4!

4. Moscow, Russia


Did you know that one of the most costly activities is to take a cup of coffee?Surpasses $ 7! Well, you can read a newspaper is not far from this: nearly 10’ll pay if you want to. The liter of gasoline costs 0.78, the fast food menu is approaching $ 6 and rent to $ 3,600

5. Zurich, Switzerland


Sure you heard that Switzerland is a clear example of what it costs to live in some European cities. This is the case in Zurich, where eating fast food more than $ 10, buy a newspaper at 3, and have a cup of coffee the 5. However, income is less expensive compared to the previous cities: this, approaches to $ 2,984

6. Geneva, Switzerland


Again talk about a Swiss city, which as noted above, is characterized by its high standard of living. The rent costs more than $ 4,000, gasoline exceeds 1.50, fast food 10 and read an international newspaper approaches 4.

7. Tokyo, Japan


We will finish with another very expensive city. Here, buy a newspaper over $ 5.50, making coffee is close to 7, like eating a hamburger. The liter of gasoline at 2 and hire good housing to $ 4,500.


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