The 7 Most Rare Places In The World

Want to know what are the 7 most rare places in the world? The world has its secrets, and what better than ourselves to decipher? Have you ever been to one that is strange enough to leave you speechless? Would you believe me if I tell you that there are lava lakes, huge forests that are submerged by earthquakes, crystal caves and holes too deep in the sea? Yes, each of these places lie in a corner of our planet, despite that access to these is not as easy as we would think, it is possible to visit them.

Look closely gallery and tell us your impressions. We are to read you, enjoy!

1. Erta Ale Volcano, known as the “Lake of Fire”


Located in the North East of Ethiopia, this particular volcano is constantly erupting. Yes, looks beautiful photographs and is quite enigmatic, but neither you imagine what it would be trapped in a place like this. It is the only lava lakes in the world, due to the continuous activity of the volcano.

2. Villa Traful and its submerged forest


It is the main attraction of the divers who dive in its beautiful waters to observe the 60 cypress trees over 20 meters high that are there. Located 100 km from Bariloche, during the 60s this strange forest fell off because of an earthquake that occurred in Chile.

3. A wave in the desert?Yes!


This fabulous sandstone and rock formation, due to the peculiar motions of the wind, is one of the great wonders of the Arizona desert. Known as the “wave of the desert”, is in a protected reserve, despite how complex it is to access the site, called the attention of many photographers and tourists.

4. The Blue Hole Dean


Is not see your image causes chills? This big hole, the deepest in the world, is located in the Bahamas Island. What is your depth? 202 mt. Are there others like them? There are two similar, which have 100 and 120 mt, so imagine what it would fall into one of these.

5. The lake Kaindy also has its submerged forest


Located in Kazakhstan, this lake, which I dare say is almost unique in the world, has many trees under the water. How were submerged? Because Kebin earthquake, which occurred in 1911. What species are? Beautiful Picea schrenkiana and protrude from the surface of the water like huge needles. What size are they? 400 meters long and deep in some spots, 30 mt.Spectacular!

6. Giant Crystals Cave


This strange place, the Cave of the Giant Crystals, located in Chihuahua, Mexico, has selenite crystals sizes never seen before. What are the dimensions? Most reaches 6 meters in length, and some, 11. What is the temperature of the place? Between 45 and 50 ° C. And the humidity? Between 90 and 100%. Yes, as you can see, a human being could not survive for more than two hours in this cave.

7. The great eye of the Sahara desert Africa


You know why this strange structure can be seen from space? Although there seems, has about 50 km in diameter, which also attracts attention for its wonderful concentric rings. ¿Height above sea level? Yes, 400 mt. How this peculiar hole originate? It is rumored that results from the fall of a meteorite.


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