Emmanuel Adebayor, Fan, Clash on Instagram Over Public Display Of Wealth (Photos)

The Tottenham striker got the bitter end of an aggrieved fan for showing off his impressive automobile collections on Instagram.

Troubled Tottenham Hotspurs forward, Emmanuel Adebayor and one of his fans have clashed on Instagram over his public display of wealth.

The Togolese international had some few days ago showed off his impressive car garage boasting of some expensive wonders on wheels with the caption: “Am blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is good to me!”

While perhaps the forward was being thankful for his blessings, an aggrieved fan felt otherwise and wasted no time in making his feelings known.

“Blessed indeed..its called show off..you aint as rich as @messi or @cristiano why aint you posting football related stuffs…typical African man”, the fan blasted.

Rather than heed the wise saying “silence is golden”, Emma fired back at the fan taunting him: “But I’m richer than you”, before adding, “hahahahaha you are the one crying because of my car”.

However, the fan was determined to have the last say as he again responded: “You are just Lame…. so sad..reasons African footballers don’t get recognized…you are a typical example.. whats next become a Buddhist…lol..from one religion to another..that wouldn’t solve your problem you hypocrite kid… learn from real Legends like Didier Drogba”.


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