Why I’m Not Interested in Marriage Now – Pasuma

The Fuji musician says although he is in a serious relationship at the moment, he is not yet ready to get married until his music career gets the stability that he wants.

Wasiu Alabi a.k.a. Pasuma
Popular Fuji musician, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma is no longer available to single ladies following his revelation that he has found love.

Pasuma, who is still keeping the identity of the mystery lady to his chest, however, said he is not ready to settle down, at least not this year, until his career has a solid footing.

“I am in a relationship right now but we have not tied the knot”, he told Saturday Beats. “I am in a very serious relationship and I have found love. I met my girlfriend in a mall in Dubai. She was with a friend who knew me and greeted me, so she followed suit. She did not really know who I was then but her friend was a huge fan. Because she did not know who Pasuma was, I was curious to know more about her. God has already blessed our union and I pray that people would also give us their blessings and not destroy it. I am not planning marriage this year, all I am concerned about is my career. When my career has the stability that I want, then I would get married to her”.

The CEO of Wasbar Records also said that his woman understands the nature of his job and that he also makes out time to explain certain things to her to avoid jealousy or any misunderstanding.

“Anybody that wants to marry a musician has to be a part of the musician’s career. The person has to understand the business. On my part, I think my woman knows and understands my job. I also take time to explain to her the intricacies of the job. She comes from a good home and she is very humble”, he pointed out.


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