Woman Gets Electrocuted by ATM as She Entered Her PIN Code (Photos)

A lady was rushed to the hospital after she was electrocuted by an automated teller machine in the process of inserting her pin to make a withdrawal

A Chinese lady was thrown into shock last weekend when she tried to get money out of an automated teller machine popularly called ATM and was electrocuted.
The 23-year-old lady identified as Xiao Liu, was entering her PIN code into a cash machine in Xi’an, north west China, when a sudden surge of electricity led her to the hospital.
The electricity passed from Liu’s hand to her body, leaving her right arm numb and sore. Liu was forced to the floor by the impact of the shock at the China Everbright Bank.
She realised that she was bleeding and that the fingernails on her right thumb and ring finger were broken. She was admitted to a local clinic where they bandaged up her wounds.

Later she filed a complaint with customer service and reported her missing card, which was swallowed by the ATM. The bank have since apologized to Liu and sent her to the hospital for further examination. Meanwhile, they have also promised to perform inspections on their ATM machines.

Local reporters visited the bank and measured the current of the ATM. It was found that the ATM was charged with 200 V, which is way over the 36 V limit bearable by human bodies.

The said ATM machine is already out of service and investigations are underway.


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