Catholic Bishop of Awka urges Ndigbo to refrain from wasting huge some on funerals

altROMAN Catholic clergyman the Bishop of the Awka Diocese Most Reverend Paulinus Ezeokafor has condemned the high cost of burying the dead in Igboland describing it as a waste of scare resources.   Delivered a sermon during the burial of the prime minister of Umuchukwu community in Orumba South Local Government Area, Late Chief Sylvanus Obioma Maduka, Bishop Ezeokafor described flambouyant funerals as an economic waste. He added that the huge amount of Igbo people spend during the burial ceremony of their dead ones could be used for better purposes.   He called on Ndigbo to retrace from such extravagant expenditure on burial ceremonies as that would not make the dead go to heaven, saying that what was important was for one to be drawn to God. Like most other Nigerians, Ndigbo spent exorbitant amounts of money on ceremonies like funeral, weddings and chieftaincy titles.   Bishop Ezeokafor said: “All of us should strive to do good and be prepared for death as it comes like a thief. There is no repentance in the grave so everybody should work had to achieve heaven.   “We spend a lot on burials. We should bury the dead but not to the extent of spending that much.”   Dignitaries who attended the funeral ceremony included former Anambra State governor Peter Obi, the police commissioner in Anambra State Karma Hosea and state leader of the Progressive People’s Alliance Godwin Ezeemo. Mr Hosea described the death of late Chief Sylvanus Maduka as a big blow to both the family and Umuchukwu community and urged them to take heart.   Mr Ezeemo described the deceased as a colossus whose fatherly and visionary role guided Umuchukwu in its developmental and peaceful efforts. He noted that only few people could impact life positively the way the Late Chief Maduka did, stating that his legacy was being celebrated. – See more at:


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