10 Photos of President Mugabe’s Private Mansion in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe stands with his wife Grace, as they pose for a photo at State House in Harare.
The 25-bedroom private house was reportedly constructed by a Serbian construction company Energoproject to a Chinese architectural design.The palace nicknamed, ‘Blue Roof’ has two lakes in its 44 acre landscaped grounds and is protected by a multi-million pounds radar system.

Approach roads to the mansion, topped by a Chinese-style roof clad in midnight blue tiles from Shanghai, are off limits to the general public.

Imagine who would have such taste and live in such opulence? An American Billionaire? A Saudi Prince? Louis XIV of France ? Savour the pictures then scroll to the bottom of the page to see who owns this Work of Art.

This Mansion is in Harare and belongs to: The President of Zimbabwe – ROBERT MUGABE



  1. This infomation by Gist Magazine is in fact false. The mansion in the photographs is actually a home located in the wealthy community of Bell Air, Los Angeles. The mansion is available as a location for film, television and commercial shoots and is featured as such on the website of location manager, Toni Maier. Thus, there is no truth in the story that the mansion in the photographs belongs to Mugabe. And, in any case, an ariel shot of Mugabe’s partially completed mansion in Harare shows a building quite different to the one depicted in these photographs. You can check this out by googling Hoax-Slayer/Robert Magabe mansion.


  2. […] Could this be the end of Mugabe’s crazy-pants dictatorship? Will Zimbabwe finally be able to break free from minority rule and become a shining example of tolerance and liberty in the Sub-Saharan region? Will the heroes of the revolution be old dudes in military fatigues and young folks with smartphones? How should I know? I’m not psychic. In the meantime, Mugabe has responded as he always does in these situations – promising severe punishments, blaming the West and vowing to stay on as President until God comes down from the heavens and rips him out of his garish mansion. […]


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