Former Bayelsa Governor, Timipre Silva Blasts Goodluck Jonathan…

                                                            Timipre Silva and Goodluck Jonathan
Former Bayelsa State governor and state leader of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Timipre Silva has accused the immediate president Goodluck Jonathan of not contributing anything to the state while he was the country’s president.
Silva, who took over from Jonathan as governor of Bayelsa stated this while speaking at the mega rally of the APC where the current state chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), retired Colonel Sam Inokoba , and former managing director of the Niger Delta Development commission (NDDC), Timi Alaibe, decamped to the APC.
“The Brass LNG that was not given to us by our son will be given to us when APC takes over.  Development that was not brought to us by our son will be brought to us. The East-West road that was not completed by our son will be completed, let them show me one single project our son did for Bayelsa. Show me one single road or show me half road he did. He is I will do, I will do.  If you cannot show me, why should you continue to support the PDP? ” he quizzed.
“The governor is promising security, I say that is good enough but let them go and guarantee security in the creeks first. You cannot gurantee us security because we are secured and Bayelsa people love the APC. The time for the prosperity of the people has come. The time of poverty is gone. In Abuja, the PDP party have been decapitated, so the PDP is already dead and we will bury PDP in Bayelsa state” Silva added.

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